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Google My Business or Google Business Profile is a boon for local businesses. It helps in generating leads from the prospective customers from nearby locations. If you want continuous flow of leads then you should be ranking in Local Pack 3 (aka Map Pack) That is the reason why it becomes imperative for businesses to make their listing rank. 

In this blog will find seven ranking factors that help you secure the top position in pack 3.

1. Completeness Of Your Google Business Profile

gmb ranking factors

This is very obvious that the more information you’ll provide, the easier it will be to rank. But it doesn’t mean you update anything that comes to your mind. Ensure whatever you are updating is true to your knowledge. This will enhance your listing and help users with all the information of your business. 

Following are the things which you must update rightway after getting your listing verified: 

  • Business Name 
  • Contact Number 
  • Business Description
  • Products/Service 
  • Product photos (if any) 
  • Opening hours 

Updating all the details not only increase your chances of getting rank in local pack but you it help you to secure a position in ‘Related Search’ 

2. Selection Of Correct Business Category

google review

Selecting the right business category is important for securing a top position in the local pack because your primary category gives signals to Google what your business is about, and this helps you to drive the right/quality traffic to your business listing.  

Since there are many categories in which your business may fall but should not choose them all. 

The best way to determine which category your business suits well is with ‘Competitor Analysis’.  

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Open 
  2. Write keywords related to your business and hit the search button 
  3. Now reverse engineer the top three results 
  4. Check their primary and secondary business category 
  5. Update those categories in your business listing 

3. Google Ratings and Reviews

google my business ranking

Google has started to use the Google Seller Ratings (GSR) to determine the ranking of a given business listing. GSR is an algorithm that ranks businesses based on their quality of reviews and ratings. The algorithm uses various data points such as average rating for reviews, the number of reviews for a particular business. 

In addition, other factors such as competitor’s reviews and ratings are also being used to determine the quality of business listings that are sent to the search engine. Businesses have a rare chance to improve their ranking by providing better quality customer reviews and ratings.

This is the reason why most of the businesses ask for a review after you complete a transaction with them. Just like them, you should also ask your customers to drop a review. 

4. Responses To Customer Reviews

gmb ranking

We can bet you haven’t heard of or think that your response to a review can impact the rankings. 

Following are the things you know before responding to a review 

  • Don’t sound negative 
  • Always promptly respond to a review 
  • If customer has mentioned an issue in review, respond with a solution 

Responding to a review keeping the above thing in mind will improve your online reputation which will help in converting prospective customers in future and especially replying with a solution to customer’s complaint will make an impact. 

5. Landing Page Optimization

google ratings and reviews

Updating keyword rich, useful information on landing pages is essential from the perspective of search engine optimization. Google crawl the page which you link to GBP and crawl bots check whether it is relevant to customers or not. 

6. Google Business Profile Post Frequency

how to improve google my business ranking

Your GBP/GMB profile comes with a feature of Post which is similar to Facebook and Instagram. It is recommended to post at least in once in a week so that interested perspectives can engage with your business

In post, you can talk about your products/services, offers, latest news of your business or anything that prospective customers would like to know. 

7. NAP Consistency

local seo

Name Address and Phone number (NAP) are one of the most important factors when it comes to Google ranking. If these are not consistent across the internet, then your site/GBP listing will not be ranked easily. 

Your NAP on GBP/website should match with the NAP mentioned on local directories, third party websites, business directories, social media and local business associations websites. 

If this thing is sorted from the beginning then in no time you will be ranking in the local pack.  

Over To You

So there are the factors that determine your GMB/GBP rankings. If you optimize these factors well, then no can stop you from securing a top position local pack 3. If you want help from the experts in doing so, you can always contact us. 

Digital Daisy is a local SEO agency in Delhi, India. We help local businesses with their digital marketing & SEO requirements. For information, visit our website. 


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