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Digital Daisy is one of the best Facebook Ads Agencies in India. We are providing the service of Facebook advertising to the businesses because it is difficult to reach the target audience organically due to ever-changing algorithms thus, advertising is the only option left for businesses to promote their products/services. For more information follow our hashtag #rankpopper on major social media platforms.

What Facebook Adwords and facebook marketing company Exactly Is?

Facebook marketing company is nothing but a good way to expand your business with a targeted audience. based on their location, interests, gender, and age. You can also create a custom audience by feeding the accumulated data of your customers. Facebook Adwords is the tool to promote your business on Facebook through facebook marketing company. The ads are reflected on the News Feed page of mobile and desktop as well. It allows you to target specific audiences

Who Do We Serve

Objectives Of Your Facebook Ads

Objectives refer to the goal of the advertisement, it varies according to the need and nature of your business.
We strategize ad campaigns for your business to rule over the market and trail your competitors.

How Do We Analyze

What Works Best

Our analysis is based on the practical methods of evaluation which is A/B Testing aka Split Testing. We compare the multiple ads based on their performance and response received from the target audience. This insight helps to improve the engagement of the audience in the upcoming campaigns.

How do our facebook ads agency India work?/Our Strategy



In this stage, we learn about the nature of your business. To decide advertising goals, we take inputs from your end to synchronize your aspirations and our strategy. The next step is to dissect the strategy of your competitors and chart-out a plan to dominate them.


Once we decide the goal of your ads, it is time to sneak into the competitor’s strategy. This step aims to demystify the tactics of your competitors and use the same for your advantage. Here, we employ the technique of SWOT analysis.


Before actually developing the deliverables for the ad we inspect the reason for the unsuccessful previous ad campaign (if any). Our creative writers and graphic designers develop imagery, caption and headline considering the objective of the campaign. These deliverables determine the success hence we employ attention-grabbing images and persuasive content


Continuous monitoring is an essential part of Facebook AdWords. As a business owner of a facebook advertising agency in India, you surely do not have time to monitor your ads that is why we assign a dedicated account manager to monitor the trends of your campaign. This is part of our service and we won’t charge extra for the same.


Once the ad is made live our dedicated account manager keeps tracking the trend of the campaign and makes necessary changes if needed. Our goal is to enhance the end-result of the campaign with the maximum possible ROI through the right facebook advertising company in India.


We believe in transparency that is why we send you detailed reports after the end of each campaign. This report highlights your total spending and the return on invested capital. You can also share your inputs to make this campaign more effective.

End Result

Facebook has provided many metrics to quantify the success of ad campaigns. With these metrics, you can keep track of revenue generated from the same.

Facebook Ads Packages


  • Profile Page Setup
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 500 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 7 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 700 then 25% service charge will levied.


  • Profile Page Setup/Optimization
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 1000 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 14 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 1000 then 25% service charge will levied.


  • Profile Page Setup/Optimization
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 1500 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 30 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 1350 then 25% service charge will levied.

Why Work With Us (Facebook Marketing Company)?

Digital Daisy is the premier social media marketing agency and Facebook ads agency in the US and India. Our approach is creative and methods are innovatively strategized. Our goal is to expand your business with digital marketing techniques. We are here to promote your business on Facebook and establish a strong Facebook ad agency in India as well.

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