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Your Reliable Amazon Web Hosting Partner in India

Amazon Web Hosting Services provided by Digital Daisy meet a wide range of hosting requirements. Earlier it was difficult for non-techies to make a decision regarding hosting resources, not anymore. Digital Daisy is here to help you. We provide AWS consultation as well as assist you in deploying your app or website on AWS servers.

Whether you are a hot startup or an established corporation, you can use Amazon Web Services to ensure an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution for your IT needs.

What do we Host on AWS?

Host your websites on AWS servers to quickly render on the user-side so as to reduce bounce rate and customer acquisition cost.

Mobile Apps
Deploy your mobile application on AWS dedicated servers to scale your apps without worrying about the cost and digital infrastructure

Web Apps
AWS is your ideal choice for hosting a web app due to its on-demand scalable digital infrastructure to suit your growing needs

What do we provide

As an AWS Hosting Partner?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Amazon web services provider, Digital Daisy offers a complete portfolio of cloud hosting solutions as well as timely and dependable support. Amazon Web Services, using innovative and statistical approaches, can be utilized to develop, build, and implement cloud solutions to minimize IT costs and streamline operations around the world. Our relationship with AWS dates back several years, so don’t worry. Did you get a problem? We have the solution to it already!

What makes us a top-rated Amazon Hosting Partner

Here is the list of essential points that makes us top AWS hosting partner:


Growing Customer Base

We currently have hundreds of cloud customers, and the number is increasing rapidly. All credit goes to our diligent team.

Expert Consultation

Our AWS hosting consultants are available at your disposal. They can guide you in the right direction for making critical decisions related to hosting.

Best After-sales Support

Digital Daisy provides the best after-sales support for Amazon web hosting. We endeavor to address your concern as quickly as possible.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our AWS hosting solutions are budget-friendly and help in reducing customer acquisition costs by reducing dwell time.

Experienced Cloud Expert

Our cloud experts are highly experienced and are quick in understanding your requirements. This makes us your ideal choice for AWS hosting.

Highly Secured

Adopting AWS for cloud hosting is the only solution to secure your data. Our service comes with all the necessary security implementations.

Our Partnership with

AWS Web Hosting

App deployment necessitates expertise, but the more incredible difficulty for IT firms is ensuring business continuity for their clients and providing access to them. The real effort involves delivering the intended value of apps, as well as providing other solutions for data backup, disaster recovery, and security. In a word, the entire procedure is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and entails significant expenses. We are determined to make a long-term difference in this regard.

aws web hosting

Why Digital Daisy?

Digital Daisy is a top-rated Amazon hosting partner in Delhi NCR, India. We provide guidance to our clients so that they can make the right decision. We also help you to deploy your website or app on AWS hosting and are here to provide round-the-clock support. It is our responsibility to ensure that your app or website does not crash due to the server. We are eager to welcome you to join our rapidly increasing AWS web hosting clients.

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