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India's Best Mobile & Desktop Website
Page Speed Optimization Company in Delhi NCR, India

Digital Daisy is a top mobile & desktop website page speed optimization company in Delhi, India. We provide an end-to-end website speed optimization service in Delhi for improving the performance of your website on Core Web Vitals.

Website loading speed is one of the most important factors in user experience and search engine rankings. A website load time under two seconds will maximize traffic dwell time. Google's webmaster John Muller has also stated the same, and at Digital Daisy, we provide our clients with web page speed optimization service to make their website lighting fast. If your website takes too long to load, you may lose your hard-earned traffic and ultimately lower your revenue. If you feel that you cannot monetize your traffic on your website, our experts can help you improve your website load speed and overall conversions.

page speed optimization

Your page loading

speed is pulling you down!

Customer dissatisfaction with the slow webpage loading speed is not limited to eCommerce; other sites like travel sites also experience low sales conversion performance because the website takes too much time. Most of the time, customers do not continue with their purchase procedure and press the return button of their device, and never open the same website or application again, which means you will lose your website's organic traffic.

The worst thing does not end here; the site's load speed can also decrease the volume of website traffic SERP ranking (page load speed is a Google ranking factor), increase the site's bounce rate, and definitely, decrease revenue. Overhead costs, especially for promotion campaigns, can also increase since you will need to compensate for the ROI and conversion rate decreases.

We Have Our Speed Optimization Process!

At Digital Daisy, we understand that your time is valuable; that is why we provide mobile web page speed optimization to decrease loading time and increase visitors' experience. When you get a top website speed optimization company like us to work for your website, you will get industry-leading strategies that work best for page speed optimization hassle-free. Our intuitive process for WordPress speed optimization services to help.


Use A Content
Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is a network of servers that will bring the web content to users based on the location.

To A Better Host

If your website is hosted on a shared server currently, it may be the reason why your website takes a long time to load.
optimized image size

Optimize Image Size

Giant-sized images take too much time to load, so prefer a perfect size of an image. We can create a responsive web design that will adjust the images on your site based on users' display properties.
reduce plugins

Reduce Plugins

More plugins, more loading time, so choose the plugins you will need.
js css

Minimize JavaScript & CSS

Just like with plugins, the more JavaScript and CSS files there are, the more requests the server has to fulfill to run them.
website caching

Website Caching

This is the process of storing a recently updated version of your website, so when multiple users are trying to access one page, the server will present that version until your website can load completely.

Implement Gzip Compression

Gzip will compress your files into a zip file, and when a user accesses it on your website, all the contents will be shown.

Database Optimization in CMS

A content management system is like the backend of your website, where you can upload files and text to update your site. Some CMSs are packed with plugins, which make response time slower.

Why Optimize website speed

Due to the following reasons, you should get website speed optimized.



Website optimization increases conversion rate, converting potential leads into a final user speedily.


Website speed optimization increases website visibility which increases organic traffic of the website.


Use Split Reef's optimization website speed services, and we will guarantee that your visitors will be able to use your website and enjoy it as well.

Why Digital Daisy?

Want to enhance your website's visitor experience and rankings by increasing your website speed? Digital Daisy will help. We offer three plans for mobile website speed optimization service in Delhi NCR to boost your website load at amazing speeds. After implementing our services, you will see the actual effects, including decreased bounce rate and extended time on-page.

Moreover, You will also notice an increase in conversion rate, which in the end, increases the revenue of your business.

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