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Collaborate with Web Hosting Company in Delhi, India to be online at all times with our lightning-fast, technologically superior hosting services

Our Web Hosting Company in Delhi, India are among the best in the industry. When accessed through the internet via URLs, web hosting is a digital infrastructure that stores and processes the websites of organizations or people. Your website is stored on servers, which are high-end computers. When a user types your web address into their browser, the server processes the request and displays your web page to them. To process the queries as soon as possible, we give the best hardware. This results in a shorter loading time and a lower bounce rate.

What Is Web Hosting? How To Choose
The Best Website Hosting Services In Delhi?

Web hosting is a digital infrastructure that stores and processes the website of organizations or individuals when accessed from the internet using URLs. Your website is stored on high-end computers called servers. When an internet user types your web address in the browser, the server processes that request and your web page will be shown to the user.

The reason for choosing the best website hosting service in Delhi is that many website hosting company in India claims 99.99% uptime but only a few of them abide by the same. We know, your business standstill when servers are down. No one would like to bear opportunity loss. That is why we are offering guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Types of Hosting Services We Offer

Following are the type of hosting services we are offering:



As the name suggests ‘Shared’ means your website is hosted on a server where other websites are also being hosted. Here, storage, processor, and RAM are also being shared. As the resources are being shared hence the plan is less costly.


Dedicated hosting is one of the most costly servers. Here, servers are being fully controlled by the owner, and their resources are used by a single entity only. These servers are relatively faster, more reliable, and pricey too.

Virtual Private Servers

VPS is the hybrid version of shared and dedicated hostings and it is largely being preferred by website owners. Here, you will have separate storage but other resources such as RAM and processor are offered on sharing basis.

How To Select The Best Hosting Service In India?

Selecting a reliable server in India requires technical knowledge. It’s fine if you are don’t belong to a technical background, it’s not rocket science. Have a look at the points once and you’ll understand it for sure. The following points determine the quality of your hosting service:



Bandwidth is also known as ‘traffic’ or ‘data transfer’ informally. It is the number of bytes required to browse the content of your website. Some service providers levy extra charges when you breach the limit.


Your website must be accessible 24/7, frequent server down leads to a loss in the business. Digital Daisy provides 99.99% uptime which is considered as best in the industry.


Many hosting providers do not allow to host email accounts which are technically known as SMTP mail. Unlike them, we allow you to set up the same on your domain name.


How much storage you’ll be needed depends on the size of your website. We provide enough space to host your e-commerce website without any complications. Besides, you can expand it anytime.


How quickly your website will load depends upon the speed of the processors. If your website is heavy, consider hosting on dedicated servers.

Why Should You Choose Our Hosting Service?

Digital Daisy provides the best website hosting services at affordable prices. We provide the best processors to process the queries as quickly as possible. This ensures minimum loading time and a lesser bounce rate. If you have questions, feel free to reach us.

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