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Extend help from LinkedIn Marketing Agency in Delhi, India to increase your revenue with the greatest corporate platform

Digital Daisy, the best Linkedin Marketing Agency in Delhi, India assists in gaining loyal consumers who boost long-term revenue. LinkedIn Adwords is a method for promoting your company to potential clients. For firms searching for B2B clientele, advertising on LinkedIn is a great option. It also inhibits your opponent from gaining a larger piece of the market.

Digital Daisy is one of the best LinkedIn Marketing Agencies in India. Social media platforms are a game-changing tool to drive sales nowadays. Thus, we are offering LinkedIn ads service to get B2B leads from the businesses of the world. Get our service to expand your customer base and get an edge over the market. For more information follow our hashtag #rankpopper on major social media platforms.

What Exactly Linkedin Ads

Is And How Linkedin Marketing Agency India Works?

Linkedin Marketing Agency India provides LinkedIn ads which are a part of our PPC services that are offered as a social media platform where professionals and large scale enterprises interact with each other. LinkedIn is the home of millions of professionals and thousands of business enterprises that actively engage with other users. LinkedIn Adwords is the tool to promote your business with target customers. Advertising on LinkedIn is a perfect choice for businesses that are looking for B2B clients. Linkedin marketing services in India allows you to target a specific company or you can target based on the parameters such as location and number of employees in India. You can also target professionals as per their job role, experience and interests.

Objectives Of Linkedin Ads

Objectives refers to the goal of ad campaigns, the selection of these objectives depends on the need and nature of the business.
To knock-out your competitor you must opt for LinkedIn Adwords with the help of best Linkedin Marketing agency India.

Brand Awareness

This ad is for start-ups and local businesses who want to establish a brand identity. Linkedin marketing services in India help to earn loyal customers that fuel sales in the long run. It also prevents your competitor from capturing the additional market share.


Engagement refers to the reaction of the people on your LinkedIn Post/Ad. This includes answering the poll, sharing, likes, video views and comments. The higher the engagement the higher will be the acceptance of your brand among people.

Increase Followers

With Linkedin marketing services in India, you can promote your company’s page and increase followers.
More the number of followers will be the base of loyal customers.

Website Visit

This campaign is beneficial for ecommerce websites and those business websites which are offering services. The Linkedin marketing agency in India divert traffic to your websites that ultimately increase the sales of your products/services.

Video Views

Attract the attention of your target customers with engagement ads. You can share information about your products/services/brands. It engages your customer for a longer period of time hence they are likely to remember it.

App Promotion

LinkedIn is the realm of professionals only. If you are a B2B seller and have a dedicated app for the same then LinkedIn Adwords is the right choice for the promotion.

Lead Generation

Linkedin marketing agency in India shows your ads to potential customers and fetches the necessary data from them. These data help in retargeting and converting them into permanent clients.

Product/Service Promotion

Promote your USP (or any other product/service) separately and get quotation requests directly from the customers.


This ad is designed to drive sales from your website and track the revenue generated from the ads. Linkedin marketing agency India allows you to retarget the users who have visited your website previously hence they are more likely to get converted. The ROI is considerably high for this campaign.

Conversation/Sponsored Message

Send a personalized message to your existing or target customers, this campaign lets you engage with them via messages.

Promote Business Event/Expo

You can promote any business event such as an expo, webinar and AGM. Showcase the strength of the public to your competitors.


To find a suitable candidate for a given job profile requires interviewing many candidates and a lot of time is invested but here is the solution: LinkedIn Ads. Our experts set the ad in such a way that it targets the right candidate. With the right linkedin marketing agency in India you can find suitable candidates.

If your company has openings for key positions then it is better to promote on Linkedin through Linkedin marketing agency in India to find the right candidate. You can show this ad to only people who may fit for the role according to the desired skills, experience and current position.

Strategy of Linkedin Marketing Agency India-

We strategize the LinkedIn ad campaign considering the needs and nature of your business.

Objective Selection

The objectives of the ads are decided according to the mode of the business (e.g manufacturing and service industry) and the needs of the business. The ideation of the blueprint of the campaign is drafted by our experts. Any linkedin marketing agency in India can help you select the best objectives.

Ad Development

Our graphic designer and content writers work on deliverables of the ads considering the selected objective. The images/videos and captions of the ads are a deciding factor for the success of the ad campaign hence, we develop eye-catching video/image and persuasive captions.

Ad Testing

Before actually rolling out your ad campaign we test the ads developed by our team of experts. This process is termed as Split Testing aka A/B Testing. We test the performance of ads on the metrics of CTR (Click Through Rate), the number of clicks and total conversions. You can get the best results from Linkedin marketing services in India.

Ad Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is an essential part of Facebook AdWords. As a business owner of a facebook advertising agency in India, you surely do not have time to monitor your ads that is why we assign a dedicated account manager to monitor the trends of your campaign. This is part of our service and we won’t charge extra for the same.

Ad Optimization

Our dedicated account manager observes trends of engagement and takes the necessary action if needed after consulting experts. This action is taken to boost the overall performance of the campaign.


After the end of each campaign or every month, we share a detailed report with you so that you can come to know about the return on investment and total spending.

End Result of

Linkedin marketing services in India

The end results refer to the appearance of the ad and revenue generated. The graphics/video is developed to attract the attention of people and headlines/captions are penned to pursue people. Our team will share a report regarding your campaign because we believe in transparency.

LinkedIn Ads Packages


  • Profile Page Setup
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 500 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 7 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 700 then 25% service charge will levied.


  • Profile Page Setup/Optimization
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 1000 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 14 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 1000 then 25% service charge will levied.


  • Profile Page Setup/Optimization
  • 1 Ad
  • ₹ 1500 worth voucher for ad spend
  • 30 Days Ad Monitoring
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Note :- If ad budget exceeds USD 1350 then 25% service charge will levied.

Why Work With Us (Top Linkedin Marketing Agency India)?

Digital Daisy is a leading digital marketing solution provider and SEO company in India. Our techniques are devised considering the algorithm of the respective platform and our methods are unconventional yet more effective. We strive to grow your business exponentially with digital marketing techniques. With our service of LinkedIn Ads, we endeavor to promote and increase the brand value of your company.

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