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In 2022, reviews are as good as word of mouth marketing. Prospective customers research thoroughly whether a business is genuine or not by reading reviews. Too many bad reviews is a big NO sign for customers so make sure you accumulate positive reviews only. Moreover, reviews are the 2nd most important factor for ranking in the local pack. 

In this blog, you will find the top seven reasons that makes reviews essential for local business. 

1. Google Business Reviews Foster Brand Credibility

google review

Customers prefer transparency over anything else, that’s what the review is about. It gives insights about your business, products and services that potential customers would like to know before making a purchase decision. So what drives their purchase decisions? 

Trust and credibility! 

If you want your business to be more trusted by your customers, then you should make sure that they get the chance to know what other people think about your business first hand before making a purchase decision and it can help to engage your customers and get them to come back for more.

2. Unique Rich Content For Your Website

online business reviews

Reviews are unique content for your website itself. On some websites, you will find they have fetched reviews from Google profile or other websites such as Trustpilot or Facebook. 

Some create dedicated pages to showcase their reviews while others keep it on a service page showcasing reviews for the same service. This tactic takes conversion to another level, beyond your expectations. 

In a way you are updating fresh, keyword-rich content which helps a lot in search engine optimization.

3. Improve Click-Through Rates to Your Website

google my business reviews

Every marketer knows that it is important to get clicks on your links when it comes in search results. Failing to do so will make your SEO efforts go in vain. 

If you are ranking in top position in search results and still not getting clicks satisfactorily then you should show Google rating right next to the description. We can assure you that it will increase your CTR. 

4. Google Reviews Convert More Customers


First of all, to make online reviews convert more and more customers you need to get them fetched on your website. Once a customer visits your website, he is bound to make a purchase of a product or service because when a customer reads positive online reviews of your business they trust you even if they have never heard of your business. 

Apart from fetching reviews, you should also make sure that site experience is user friendly and web pages are smartly designed. This is reasons why customer reviews are important. 

5. Gives A Feedback Loop


Not every time negative reviews are bad. Actually, negative reviews give insights of your business to know what areas of business you are lacking.  

We have developed a simple process to get the most out of the feedback loop, applicable for all kinds of businesses. Here’s it is: 

  1. Monitor – Once a purchase is made by the customer, monitor your reviews 
  2. Respond – If the review is positive, pat yourself on the back and move on. In case of negative feedback, your job has begun. Respond to the negative feedback providing a solution to the problem along with an apology. 
  3. Alterations – Now you know where your business is lacking. Make changes to the process and resolve the issue raised by the customer. While doing this, you are in a way testing a new process which will help you run your business perfectly in the future.

This whole process intends to retain a customer and make them associate for a long term. Moreover, it manages your business’ reputation.

6. Places Topics

Business Review

Places topics are another reason why reviews are important for your business. You can also get it for your business when you have enough reviews. 

It works like this…

Google fetch specific words from a bunch of reviews and categorize on the basis of words used in it. 

In the given case, there are 248 reviews and out of which 14 reviews contain the word ‘pipe’ 12 reviews with the word ‘leak’ and so on. 

Now understand how it helps your potential customers. 

Suppose I am looking for water heater related issue then I will click on ‘water heater’ and the Google filter the reviews and present the only reviews that contains the term (in our case: water heater) 

It saves time in researching and helps in making informed purchase decisions.

7. Review Snippets

Review Snippets

Here is another reason why you should really invest in Google reviews. Google will fetch small snippets of reviews in search results, matching the search query. 

Let’s look at the example now, 

I searched for plumbers and this business – USA Plumbing Service showing a snippet ‘I would highly recommend Plumbing Service’ from the reviews. 

Seeing this kind of snippet of a business leaves a long-lasting impression on potential customers. Someone like me ends up calling that business because a review snippet expresses exactly what I am looking for. 

More the reviews you have, more snippets will be complementary to the search query. 

Hence, reviews can drive conversion for your business.

Over To You

So this was all about top reasons why reviews are important for your business. I hope after reading this blog you put efforts to get, respond and manage reviews. In case you want some help then do let me know. 

Digital Daisy is a local SEO agency in Delhi, India. We are here to help small & medium sized businesses with their requirements related to digital marketing. 


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