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Google snippets are an extremely competitive space for businesses. From MNCs to SMEs, all of them are in a race to secure a position in the same. Surprisingly, nobody stood up for local businesses to help them get there. As always, we stood up for local businesses. 

In this article, we will share some insider tips to help you gain a position in the featured snippet. This will enable your business to compete with world-famous brands directly. 

Tighten your seatbelts for the lift-off!   

Types of content to be published for google snippets

The following section is based on the study carried out by SEMrush and Ghergich & Co recently. 


Updating an image in your blog content that is supposed to secure a position in Google snippets adds a lot of value to your readers. The study carried out by SEMrush concluded that an image of a 4:3 aspect ratio is seen most commonly in snippets.  



When a question is required to be answered with a huge crunch of data at that time, tables are featured in the featured snippet. A CTR of a website increases when a table is ranked because it requires a visit to get other related information. 



All the search engines, including our go-to answer book for the questions that erupted in our minds. Out of 46 million keywords, 29% of keywords triggered a question-based snippet. And in these question-based snippets, here are at the top of the search query that resulted in featured snippets

  • 77.6% of questions start from ‘why’ and, 
  • 72.4% of search queries start from ‘can.’


There are two types of listicles found in snippets: bulleted and numbered. You will find this with a search query with ‘best’ and ‘how-to’ words. 



Videos in Google snippets are relatively less common than paragraphs and lists. Generally, videos are found with ‘how to’ Google search queries because learning from a video is easier than reading an article.


A checklist to capture google snippets

In this blog, we recommended several actionable tips to get a space in the featured snippet, but here is everything for you in a nutshell. Following this checklist will ensure your position in the featured snippet

  • Focused keywords for a specific location 
  • Questions related to focused keywords 
  • Make a listicle with 9+ items 
  • Make a table with 4 to 5 columns 
  • Update images of 4:3 resolution 
  • Get engaged on social media 
  • Switch to HTTPS 
  • Make a proper link building plan 

google snippets

You might have wondered that there is no rocket science or alien thing in the checklist above. Haven’t you? 

Some great man has said, “strategies produce results when it’s simple” It may seem simple, but it has the potential to produce astonishing results.A quick tip: Audit your website to know what parameters your website confirms to rank in the featured snippet. Get a full website audit for free.

On-Page Optimization Best Practices To Get A Space In Google Snippets

The only thing that will work for you to get a position in Google snippets is on-page optimization. Following are a few tips that you can improve your game to win a position in the snippet. 

Address the search query within 50 to 60 words

Paragraph featured snippets generally contain 50 words. In other words, you have to satisfactorily answer the question in the search query within this limit. Technically speaking, 50 to 60 words is not a strict limit; slight variation is fine. 

Concentrate on primary questions throughout the content

This tip may seem to contradict the former, but there is a thin difference between them. Here, we are referring to the context of the content. Develop content so that the entire page is an answer to the primary question. 

Answer related questions too

Answering related questions increases the chances of securing a space in Google snippets, and who knows, you may rank in multiple snippets for a single page. You can choose any type of question between topically and semantically related questions. 

Incorporate questions in the heading

Updating questions in the heading will help Google search engine and users determine what the content is about. The same goes with sub-headers; it is preferable to answer directly.

Set the content for a particular featured snippet types

Choose from the featured snippets you are targeting and format your content accordingly. For example, set the content in table format if your target is a table snippet, as simple as that. 

Update images

Several featured snippets show up with image thumbnails. So, you need to provide a relevant image and optimize for snippet ranking. It is highly recommended to provide alt tags for such images and a relevant name. 

Over To You

Getting featured in Google snippets has a lot of benefits, especially for your business. Leverage these benefits to improve your sales. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.   Digital Daisy is the best local SEO company in Delhi, India. We are committed to improving your website ranking on Google. Call us to know the quotation. 


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