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Google My Business is a doorway to your business. You can direct traffic from Google to anywhere, whether it is a brick and mortar store or e-commerce website, all thanks to Google Business posts. 

Since it is omnipotent it becomes necessary to know how to leverage Google My Business posts for the benefit of your business. With an intent to help you we present step-by-step instructions to Google My Business posts and some insider tips to make the most out of it. 

How To Create Post For Google Business Profile

We will explain the procedure to create a post for Google My Business Profile in a step-by-step manner. 

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1. Create And Optimize Your Google My Business Account (If haven’t done already)

Create a separate email account for your business then create Google Business Profile from that email account. Fill all the necessary details and get the Google My Business listing approved with a postcard if need be.

2. Select The Type Of A Post

In the menu, click on post and you will find following post types: 

  • What’s New: For announcements and sharing general information about the business 
  • Events: Share information about any upcoming or live events either offline or online. 
  • Offers: Share information about any discounts or limited periods you are offering. You can mention date and time as the validity of the offer. 
  • Product: Feature your products with this post. 
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3. Get Ready To Publish

Once you have selected the type of post then get started with creating content for the same. Each type of posts have its own prerequisites in terms of content length, image and other information such as date. Accumulate everything and get to publish 

 Don’t forget to choose your preferred call-to-action and define a URL for the same. 

4. Publish It

Before publishing, see the preview and once you find everything is perfect then only proceed to hit the ‘Publish’ button. 

5. Keep Eyes On Analytics

After publishing, track the progress of the post and look for the ways to improve in case you are satisfied with the results. 

Tips To Master Google Business Posts

You must be knowing how to create Google Business posts but did anybody teach you how to get benefit out of it? Read and implement these top tips for your Google business posts. 

1. Post More Often

Any post type older than a week will be archived by Google. Hence it is advisable to post daily to keep directing traffic to your business and assure your customers that they are reading updated information. 

Seldom it may slip off your mind so the best practice is to schedule your post in advance for a week or a month, as per your convenience. 

2. Always Use High-Quality Pictures & Videos

Now matter how important the information you are providing through the picture but the image is blurred or of low quality potential customers won’t bother to hit go back to the previous page. 

We know it’s easier said than done, especially for a small business but there are a lot of free stock images websites available on the internet to download high quality images. Or else you can click pictures at your store also. 

3. Keep Text Content To Minimum

What generally people do is they use the full space of 1500 characters provided by Google to write the content. It does not help your business in any way. Nobody is likely to read such a long post. The ideal GBP post length should be 150 to 300 characters. Prefer writing important information in the first 150 characters so that potential customers do have to click the ‘read more’ button. 

4. Include Keywords In GBP Posts

In GBP posts content you should incorporate keywords to appear in your business in search results. If you don’t know what to write, think from the customers’ perspective and then write. 

5. Split Test With CTA Buttons

Depending on the type of post you are required to choose a CTA button to your GBP posts. Though you don’t have an option to customize the CTA button as of now, you have a fair number of options to choose from. Try A/B testing with CTA buttons to check which one works best and delivers the highest CTR. 

6. Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimizing your landing page for traffic coming from Google Business is a good idea. You can direct visitors to your landing page for funneling users to a lead capture page, or directing them to a new product page should be your intent.  

7. Keep It Formal

Your Google My Business posts are your brand’s voice, it represents your business so make sure the first impression is impressive. We advise you to keep your posts informative, educational and formal. Try to avoid marketing tone in your posts otherwise potential customers will turn away.   

Over To You

Following instructions and tips provided in this blog will help you increase impression, CTR and conversion rate from Google my business posts. We hope you will implement everything religiously. If you need help from a professional then kindly contact us. Digital Daisy is a local SEO agency in Delhi, India. We are here to help small businesses in increasing their sales. 


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