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With increasing usage of the internet for online shopping, online reviews have become an essential part of digital marketing and exhibiting trustworthiness. Have you ever wondered that online business reviews could impact search engine results? No, right? Don’t worry! We are here to help you and provide you valuable information to enhance your SEO game with the help of reviews. 

What Are Online Reviews?

How do customers know if the product is worth buying? Earlier we used to ask our friends and family. Aren’t we? The same thing is shifted to online mode. Online google reviews are a great source of information for customers. They exhibit what people think about your products and services.

Online google reviews have become a very popular and important tool for consumers to get information about products. This is because online google reviews are extremely useful in helping consumers decide which business to engage with. 

Why Are Online Reviews Matter In Local Strategy?

organic ranking factors

In today’s world where most of the commercial activities are shifted online from procurement to marketing, online google reviews are an essential part of marketing. And what’s a better marketing strategy than Local SEO? It is the process of getting more traffic to a website by ranking it in a specific location. This process requires the help of online google reviews. from real users who are satisfied with the services/products offered by local businesses.

The majority of search engines like Google give weightage to local businesses reviews for ranking. According to Moz’s survey of Local search ranking factors, online reviews are the 3rd most important ranking factor for local pack ranking. So, now you know why you should invest in getting more and more reviews? 

The Benefits Of Online Reviews

  • Online reviews are an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. They help in increasing the sales and conversion rates.
  • Help customers to make purchasing decisions 
  • Improves search engine ranking 
  • Helps in foster brand recognition 
  • Builds reputation in among prospective customers
  • A study suggested that improving average rating by one start increases revenue by 5%-9%
  • Having 4-5 star Google map review gives edge to your business and a prospect is likely to choose your business over competitors’

Effect Of Negative Reviews On Your Local Business

  • Few negative reviews affects credibility, conversion and profitability of your business 
  • Negative review drives away your potential customers 
  • A study suggests that 86% of prospective customers will not give business with a negative review 
  • Too many negative reviews may get your Google Business Profile banned 
  • Accumulated negative lowers your search engine ranking 

Reviews And Search Engines - A Partnership For Building Successful Online Business

Reviews are one of the most important elements in a successful SEO strategy because they help to boost your search rankings and increase the traffic that you bring to your website. Let’s see how both goes hand-in-hand: 

Reviews Drive CTR, Better CTR Leads To Higher Ranking

Your potential customers love reviews! Reviews are visible below the links on SERPs. Prospective customers always prefer to click the link with higher ratings if given a choice between two or more businesses providing the same products or services. This drives CTR. 

When CTR of a website increases, Google assumes your business is valuable and as a result ranking improves. 

Google Trust Your Customers’ Words More

In day to day life, what you say about yourself is often neglected by others. Google’s algorithm is developed in a similar fashion. This algorithm gives weightage to others opinion/words about yourself. 

 From reading (or crawling) reviews, Google learns how genuine your business is.  

Reviews Are Keyword Rich Content

Google is hungry for content. The more content on your website will be, higher the chances of top SERP ranking since it can understand your business in a better way. 

The Basics of SEO is all about keyword-rich content. It helps crawlers to understand, decipher and get it ranked for appropriate keywords which are used by potential customers.  

Online customer reviews are keyword-rich content. These reviews unintentionally help you to be in a better position on Google search results. This free content has potential to greatly impact the SEO of your website. 

What Review Signals Helps Local SEO?

Online reviews are user-generated content and that’s what Google loves. Online marketers and SEO experts always look for more and more reviews. But only the quantity of reviews cannot go long, there are metrics which should be considered too. Following is the list of metrics: 

  1. Rating scores
  2. Review quantity
  3. Review quality
  4. Review diversity (i.e., reviews on different sites)
  5. Domain Authority of website where review is given 
  6. Product/service keywords in reviews 
  7. Recentness of reviews
  8. Review sentiment 

Confused naa? Let’s make it simple. Suppose you are getting several reviews constantly with high ratings and with positive sentiments across multiple authoritative review websites, your chances of ranking in the top search engines results are high.

Wrap Up

So this is how you can leverage SEO strategy with the help of Google reviews. If you want assistance for managing then you can avail Google My Business review management service from Digital Daisy: Best Local SEO in Delhi NCR. For more information, visit our website. 


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