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Google reviews are jewels for local businesses. According to Bright Local survey 2020, 79% of consumers say they trust reviews as much as they would trust any personal recommendation. Not only this, 31% of online consumers read more than one review during the times of pandemic.   

In short, whether a prospect will convert or not depends largely on Google reviews. In such situations, a single malicious, irreverent, or falsely claimed review can lead to significant opportunity loss. This is why it becomes imperative to deal with it otherwise you need to bear dropping in sales. 

With an intent to help you, we are sharing a method to delete or flag falsely claimed reviews. 

Is it really possible to delete Google reviews directly?

Unfortunately no, Google does not provide a simple delete button. Having said that, one may delete reviews but they can be ‘flagged as inappropriate. It is a kind of request to Google pertaining to deleting the review. It alerts Google that the review is fake or violates Google’s review policies.

Step-by-step instructions: How to delete/flag a Google review

The number of spammy google reviews is rising and it is becoming a problem for many businesses. This is the reason why one needs to delete google reviews. These spammy reviews do nothing good to Google’s business profile and endeavor to tarnish the good repo of your business. Let’s how you can get rid of it by following these simple steps: 

1. Open Google Maps by visiting 

screen shot map and why

2. Locate your business and open a review page on Google business profile 

how to delete google review post

3. Look for an inappropriate review 

how to remove google review from my business

4. Find three dots at the top right corner of a review tile 

how to remove google review

5. Click on a report a review 

Report Review

6. Now, a dialog box will pop up. Read the question and select the most suitable answer as per your knowledge 

7. After selecting the most suitable answer, click on the report and it will get submitted automatically 

Google Review Submission

This process does not delete google business reviews directly. Instead, it directs Google to look into the matter. Wait for Google to process your request, if it is found violating Google policy, it will get deleted automatically.

10 Google Review Policy Violations

The 10 types of review that violate Google review policy which may compel Google to a review either automatically or when flagged: 

  1. Spammy or fake content is posted to manipulate ratings. For example, posting reviews multiple times, and using different accounts. 
  2. Irreverent posts such as personal rants and political commentary. 
  3. Promoting products that prohibit local legal regulations such as alcohol, gambling, guns, drugs, adult services, and more. 
  4. Promoting illegal activity such as human trafficking, graphic violence, products made from endangered animal
  5. Threatening or terrorist in nature.
  6. Sexually explicit or in any way exploits children sexually. 
  7. Profane, obscene, or offensive. 
  8. Harassing, intimidating, dangerous, or inciting hatred.
  9. Projecting false representation or impersonating others. 
  10. Biased or dishonest. Includes posting reviews on your own business or manipulating competitors’ ratings.

Events Where You Need To Flag A Google Review

Below are the topics which are against its terms of use thus, if you notice any reviews that fall into one of these categories, you can flag that review, the team at Google will look into the matter and take the necessary steps.  

Irrelevant Comments

If you see any reviews that are not related to your business or customer experience you have a right to flag those reviews. Google will remove that review because they want to provide accurate information to their users. 

Illegal Content

Some products or services are illegal in certain geographical locations. In compliance with the same, Google curbs such actions by prohibiting users from posting such reviews containing images offered or email addresses that illegal products. 

Offensive/Explicit Content

The team at Google will delete any reviews that contain profane, obscene, or offensive content. They will also remove reviews that contain offensive comments or are threatening. If they do not remove automatically, you can flag them also. 

Conflicts of Interest

Google wants a review to be unbiased. Thus, you should not post a review of a company of your ownership of work. Also, you should not post a review of your competitor. This would be considered manipulating in the eyes of Google. 


Google wants to provide accurate information. It won’t allow a business to project misleading information that is why you cannot pretend to be someone or publish a review on behalf of someone else. 

Over To You

So this was all about removing the Google review. We hope now you would know how to remove negative/irrelevant reviews effectively. If not, you can always collaborate with a local SEO agency

Digital Daisy is a local SEO agency in Delhi NCR, India founded with a mission to help local businesses get more sales via digital marketing. 


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