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Social media marketing is one of the pillars of internet marketing.

Do I need to tell you how big social media is? It is THE most rapidly growing trend in the history of humankind.

We’ve already seen something very similar, when the internet was introduced to the world.

The internet had gathered roughly 1 billion users in its first ten years. That’s crazy, right?

However, social media not only surpassed the number within 10 years, it now has over 4 billion active users worldwide. Gee, that’s over half the world’s total population!

Speakingabout numbers, Facebook alone has over 2.7 billion active users in 2021. Approximately 70% of North America’s total population is active on Facebook.

And that’s only Facebook, we’re yet to consider the users on other platforms.

Here’s something that stats won’t tell you. The stats tell you how many people used the platform at least once in a month.

However, people use all these platforms daily, and way more than once per day.

People check their social, and again, and again.

Did you know that there’s even a term for fear of not being able to access your mobile phone? It’s called Nomophobia.

Yes, we’re that addicted to mobile phones and social media.

From a marketing perspective, that presents incredible and promising opportunities.

If social media marketing isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, you better take it in or prepare to get beaten by the competition.

I will walk you through five of the most popular social media platforms and how they fit in the best social media marketing strategy.

Facebook in Social Media Marketing

Facebook in Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook Ads Adds

Facebook Ads is one of the most prominent and cost-effective digital marketing tools. It provides access to a gigantic audience which you can tailor according to your requirements, and that’s what makes Facebook Ads an integral part of our social media marketing strategy.

Having said that, it is also important to consider how you wish to engage with Facebook Ads. It has a significant impact on how your campaign will perform. For instance, are you running the conventional ads or boosting previous posts?

The most effective Facebook Ads campaign takes time to develop. Keeping in mind whether you are targeting the general demographics or your custom audiences. So, monitor your progress and keep experimenting with different techniques regularly.

2. Validating the Audience

Validating your audience is very important in the whole social media marketing strategy. However, Facebook provides great options for customization and experimentation, which makes it particularly important here. You have hundreds of audiences, content styles and formats at your disposal. Achieving each component’s value strengthens the integrity of your campaign.

If you reverse engineer a successful marketing strategy, you can comfortably disassemble and reassemble a marketing campaign. It is important to take the time to figure out the traits that make your ideal audience. How old they are, where they are located, how they like to spend their time…

Once you identify your target audience that responds to your brand, you can save them as specific groups. This step is particularly useful when you’re planning on promoting content in the future or retargeting the audience.

3. Retargeting the Audience

Since we are discussing Facebook’s role in the social media marketing strategy, how can we not address the importance of using ads to retarget the positive leads.

Let’s say you run a Facebook Ad on sports shoes. It came across a cold lead who didn’t end up clicking on the link. In most cases, that’s the end of that journey.

Luckily, you can reach out to the same leads in a few days with a retargeted ad intended to take the full advantage of your previous post. If you’re using video ads for retargeting, you can even set them up to only retarget the users who watched at least 50% of that video. This way, you can evaluate and pre-qualify your chances before you spend any money on them.

4. Link Retargeting

Now that you get the potential of retargeting on Facebook, let’s move it a notch up and talk about link retargeting.

Let me give you a brief about what link retargeting means. In a nutshell, link retargeting allows you to add Facebook retargeting pixels to your short-link when you share your content. It matters because that way whoever clicks on your content can be retargeted with relevant ads.

You’ll be able to retarget the visitors who click on reviews, news or more related to your brand. This will work even if the link directs to a third-party website. That way, you’ll be able to leverage your content and expand the reach of your retargeting ad while offering genuine value at the same time.

Instagram: Social Media Marketing

Instagram in Social Media Marketing

1. Saves Matter

Instagram introduced saves as an addition to the user-experience and the traditional “like” feature. The whole idea is that users can conveniently save certain content to come back to later.

As the saves keep growing in the Instagram algorithm, it is a good idea to find creative ways to make your content worth revisiting.

Instagram travel content creators, traditionally a visuals-first group, have found the mini-blog format to be successful. They have been able to compress more value into a single chunk of content by creating a deeper experience for users.

2. Content Styles

Businesses usually focus on producing original images when creating content for Instagram. Even though creative, high-quality pictures are of significant value, there are plenty of other content styles that need experimenting with.

As a brand you should consider creating engaging videos and GIFs to interact with the audience. From memes to micro-blogs, everything can help increase retention time, which eventually leads to better exposure and growth.

A perfect social media marketing strategy cannot be completed without experimentation with different content styles.

3. IGTV Series

IGTV showcases Instagram’s growth over the years. From images to fully-grown video productions, Instagram has provided the businesses and marketers with some remarkable marketing tools.

Long-form video series will add a lot to your content strategy. You can live stream events, host Q&A sessions, provide tutorials, share reviews, etc., to connect with your audience.

With tools like IGTV at your aid, you can experiment with various content styles and engage with audiences in a meaningful and interactive way.

4. Influence of Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers, probably one of the most underrated assets in digital marketing, can make a huge impact in your campaign’s efficiency.

The first choice of brands for endorsement or a brand ambassador would be celebrities or industry leaders. They’re undoubtedly great choices, but there’s a catch. Not all the brands, or should I say most of the brands can secure these personalities.

That’s where micro-influencers can make a huge impact. It can make even a bigger impact than Instagram Ads. However effective and great Instagram Ads are, there’s just no alternative to micro-influencers with a loyal fanbase of thousands.

LinkedIn: Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn in Social Media Marketing

1. Regular Posts

LinkedIn, just like other social media platforms, emphasizes on the connections between users. It sure sounds strange considering that it’s considered a networking space for employees and employers.

But the last thing you’d want to do as a business is vanish in the mass of business pages. It is crucial to develop a relationship with the audience, which you can only do with regularly posting updates and content.

Building an audience goes beyond posting updates. Some things to consider are setting up introductions, messaging users, publishing weekly blogs, etc. There are umpteen inexpensive ways to engage with the audience on LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn Ads

Paid ads are worth experimenting with in all aspects of the social media marketing strategy. You’re essentially leveraging that platform’s reach with a useful marketing tool.

Although, it’s a little different with LinkedIn. Firstly, LinkedIn Ads are quite expensive compared to other social media. Secondly, they have lower click-through rates, which translates to fewer leads. It’s still worth it because they’re way higher quality leads than others.

LinkedIn’s problems go beyond budgeting though. Meaning, unless you’re targeting a very specific crowd, you can get much cheaper paid campaigns on other platforms.

The ideal option is to give LinkedIn Ads a try along with PPC campaigns on other platforms. That way, you can determine and compare the reach, cost-per-click (CPC) and the conversion rate to make sure that LinkedIn Ads are actually worth investing in for your business.

3. Hard Selling is a No

Conventional and old school sales tactics are not your allies on LinkedIn when making a strategy for social media marketing.

You simply can’t muscle your way into being an industry leader. It’s better to rather focus the efforts on building a relationship with your audience and make an image for your brand, instead of just promoting your product.

Your audience will sweep through your content in a fraction of a second if they don’t find it of immediate value. Hence, it is better to avoid the hard-selling approach and prioritize honest communication with the audience.

4. Multimedia Content

Multimedia content such as videos get great responses on LinkedIn when handled smartly. Preferably, your content should be informative and instructive giving simple and immediate solutions to your users’ problems.

Additionally, as an expert in your field, you can also determine yourself as a thought leader by providing users helpful content and addressing pressing issues in your industry.

Post whatever valuable content that you can come up with, videos, tutorials, etc. Experiment your options and find out what works the best.

Twitter: Social Media Marketing

Twitter in Social Media Marketing

1. Social Listening

The internet is constantly changing and so is Twitter. Conversions and updates keep developing over time and it can seem like an impossible task to follow every new update. Our social media marketing strategy focuses on social listening and evaluating the position of your brand in the latest revenue issue.

It helps to be a real-time participant of the conversations in addition to understanding what your audience is thinking. The last thing you’d want is not to be a part of valuable conversations with your audience.

2. Brand Voice

It’s important to take your time and have clarity on what your brand voice should be. Brand voice has great significance on Twitter. Legitimacy and brevity are necessary to make your brand relatable.

Experiment with what approach works best in your industry. Casual? Funny? Instructional?

3. Pull Polls

Polls can be fruitful in a social media marketing strategy. You can target two preys at once with polling. Firstly, you get user-generated content. Secondly, it helps you improve your engagement with your audience with minimal efforts.

If that doesn’t get your horses running, consider that you can make these polls about whatever you wish for. For example, different landing pages, testing different offers, etc. It’s up to you entirely.

4. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads has many types of ad campaigns such as Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, etc. In our social media marketing strategy, we will be talking about Twitter Ads as a whole.

Just like paid tools on other platforms, you only pay for performance on Twitter Ads. The best part about Twitter Ads is that you can create specific ads according to what’s going on around in the world.

Pinterest: Social Media Marketing

Pinterest Ads, Rich Pins and more

1. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a great place to communicate with a specific and targeted audience. You can create an enthralling experience for your audience if you find that Pinterest is popular among your target audience in your market research.

Once you figure out that Pinterest is a good match for the kind of audience you’re looking for, you can create interactive images to get the best out of Pinterest Ads.

2. Rich Pins

If you don’t know what Rich Pins means, users can collect more Pins without needing to think about it.

There are several types of Rich Pins; Product Pins (includes real-time product pricing and availability), Recipe Pins (shows ingredients, schedule and even serve sizes), Article Rich Pins (focuses on the author), etc.

The simple point is to create content shaped for a targeted audience to help develop the relationship with the audience.

3. Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have a huge share of internet users, especially for platforms like Pinterest. You might already have an idea about how you can make your content mobile-friendly. To start with, they won’t be using desktop computers for browsing your content.

You want to create vertical images in a rectangular shape with an aspect ratio of 2:3 to properly optimize your content for mobile. That’s it, your Pinterest is ready for the modern age.

4. Keyword Optimization

You wouldn’t think of Pinterest as a search engine in the first impressions. Although if you think about it, you should consider how convenient it is to look up anything you want on the platform.

Hence, the final step in our social media marketing strategy is to take full advantage of keywords and searches on Pinterest to be found by the targeted audience.

Wrapping Up: Social Media Marketing Thoughts and Best Strategy

Final Thoughts: How to get Most out of Social Media

As you should know now, social media marketing is not that complicated if you prepare a proper strategy.

Although, it takes a lot of effort, experiments and discipline to achieve the best results in social media marketing.

If you’ve already tried social media marketing for your business, you must know how difficult a simple process can prove to be.

Even though this social media marketing strategy is the best there is, I cannot promise you anything per se, if you’re to perform the steps yourself.

For the best outcome, you must get help from experts.

Digital Daisy is a social media marketing agency based in India that specializes in search engine optimization and social media marketing.

If you find this article knowledgeable or wish to know more about how we can help you with your social media marketing campaigns, reach out to us.


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