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Nowadays, influencers dominate the purchasing decisions or lifestyle choices. According to Collabstr’s 2022 Influencer Marketing Report, influencer marketing is projected to grow up to $15 Billion by 2022 end.Β Β 

Brands can utilize the power of micro influencers to boost their online sales, and brand recognition. Let’s explore the steps to discover the perfect micro-influencer for your brand.Β 

Step Number 1Create An Outline For Your Campaign Goals

The first step is to create an outline for your marketing campaign goals. A marketing campaign must have-

  • Clear & realistic goals
  • The best strategy to achieve the goals
  • Sufficient details of actions & tactics
  • A tool or method to check

The second important aspect is the goal of the campaign. What is the aim of launching the campaign? Is it to build brand awareness, launch a new product, distribute content, or generate sales?Β 

Step Number 2- Listing The Influencers

The second step is to create a list of micro influencers, who align with your goals and requirements. Analyze their niche and content. Select the influencer who matches your consumer demographics and aligns with your target age and purchase patterns.Β 

Step Number 3- Analyze The Influencer’s Work

The third step is to analyze the micro influencer’s work. Check their quality of content, engagement rates, and number of likes and comments. The content style must match the campaign requirements.

The influencer must share the same values with your brand. If you are a small enterprise manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning solutions, the micro-influencer must also promote eco-consciousness and environment preservation.

Step Number 4- Communicate Objectives

After you have finalized the micro-influencer, it is now time to discuss the compensation and attributes. Effective communication can help you to reach your marketing goals seamlessly. Also, tell the influencers which metrics you are going to use to measure the ROI’s of the campaign.Β 

There are many metrics to measure the ROI of the marketing campaign. Click here to know more.

Step 5- Measure ROI and Optimise

“Effective measurement is key to effective management”. Measure your marketing campaign’s ROI and communicate the shortcomings in the deliverable with your influencer.Β 

If one format of content is not working, you can experiment with others. Stay up-to-date with social media trends and experiment with your content formats.Β 

Brands must have a strong content pipeline, with powerful Call To Action, to stay visible and relevant within the targeted audience.Β 


Micro-influencers can play a pivotal role in increasing your e-commerce brand’s awareness and reach. As an e-commerce brand, you must choose the micro-influencer that aligns with your brand values and belief system. Acquiring the influencer is just the beginning, nurturing the relationship will help you to create goodwill.

Micro-influencers help us create brand advocacy. Brands must create good collaborations with influencers, by working honestly.Β 

If finding a micro-influencer is a tedious task for you, Digital Daisy is here to help you. Digital Daisy is one of the best Digital Marketing and SEO agencies in Delhi and Gurugram.


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