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According to Google in the last two years, the use of ‘Where To Buy’ or ‘Near Me’ keywords has increased a whopping 200%. Isn’t it surprising? It is! This stat is enough to express the dependency of people on Google (Local SEO) for finding a store in the same locality. Before moving ahead we would like you to think about the Opportunity Loss that you may incur with a suspended Google My Business account. This blog is an endeavor to minimize the loss of your business. Read it till the end to know how you can quickly reinstate your GMB. 

Types Of GMB Suspension

There are three types of Google My Business account suspension. Each suspension has its own severity. Higher the severity lesser will be the chance of reinstatement. 

1. Soft Suspension

In this suspension your business shows up in Google search results as well as Maps search results, clients can call you too but you are no longer able to make changes to your listing. This suspension makes your listing ‘Unverified’ and prone to user edits or removal. 

You can sigh in relief if your GMB is Softly Suspended because it is relatively easy and less time-consuming to reinstate. 

Error in the following information can lead to Soft Suspension: 

  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Map Pin
  4. Primary Category

2. Hard Suspension

Try searching your business on Google and Maps. Didn’t find it? Sorry to say, it is Hard Suspension. You’ll no longer be able to receive phone calls from prospects. You may still access the dashboard but you cannot make changes. You are likely to lose Reviews and Photos. Yeah, you read it right!  Unfortunately, the hard suspension is really detrimental to your business. 

In this case, a formal Google My Business reinstatement request to GMB Support will take weeks to see some results. The only option you have is to get Local SEO Services. We can fast-track the process and restore your listing in a day’s time. 

3. Account Suspension

This is of the worst severity and can take weeks time to get resolved. Generally, this suspension happens when you abuse Google’s terms of service. All your contributions made from your account will be removed. To restore it, you need to get Local SEO Services.  

What Can Influence GMB Listing Suspension?

Update in Algorithm

Whenever Google updates its algorithm, a lot of listings are just swept away. There are not many options to safeguard it from happening but you can always do one thing which is submitting a Reinstatement Request to Google. It is the most common reason for suspension and often toughest to restore it. If your GMB listing is getting suspended right after reinstatement then you need to consult an expert Local SEO agency in Delhi.

Gmail Account Issue

When your Gmail account is flagged for spammy behavior it may trigger suspension of GMB listing. This issue is likely either when you provide Manager Access to others whose account has been flagged or your own account is flagged. 

In case you are managing multiple listings from a single account and most of them are suspended (say 8 out of 10) soon after, the remaining ones also get suspended then your account is not at fault. The issue is something else.

Address Issue

Another potential reason for GMB suspension could be using a P.O. Box, UPS mailbox, FedEx mailbox, or any other rented mailbox for the address verification. You may get it verified by hook or crook but sooner or later Google will suspend it. 

Other Miscellaneous Reasons

We know how frustrating it can be to get your GMB suspended. Following are a few more reasons that could trigger suspension: 

  • Too many spammy edits made by the account manager/owner 
  • Editing your listing frequently (Wait for 60 seconds in between the edits) 
  • Location pin set on wrong or suspicious location 
  • Changing storefront to Service Area Business (SAB) 
  • Multiple listing for a single business 
  • Redirecting or spammy links 
  • Tracking URL 
  • Listing made at the virtual office or co-working space 

Don’t Jump To Sending A Reinstatement Request

1. Read GMB Guidelines

Google adheres to laid-out guidelines, when you violate it (knowingly or unknowingly) for quality assurance purposes it suspends your listing. Read GMB Guidelines and assess what is going against it and try to reverse the same. 

2. Keep The Documents/Photos Of Your Business Handy

Before you proceed to the GMB reinstatement request you’ll need the following documents at a stretch of your hand because Google will ask you to upload it. 

  • Address proof – such as a photo of a storefront with signage and address has to be mentioned on it. 
  • Proof of you are sole accessor of office space. 
  • Legal documents such as a business license or a tax form. The address on both documents should be the same as of the GMB. 
  • Utility bill with same billing address as the business listing

Calling It An End

Once you know why your GMB is suspended and what all the things are required to submit a Google My Business reinstatement request then you can easily do it. Just in case if it gets rejected you can avail our local SEO services. 

GMB suspension is disheartening for all businesses irrespective of the scale. It often causes unmeasurable Opportunity Loss in the business. On top of it, the reinstatement procedure is lengthy and sluggish as we all know it. In that case, avail our GMB Reinstatement service and GMB assurance service to prevent it in the future. After reinstatement, if it doesn’t rank in the top search results then avail Local SEO service from Digital Daisy. We are experts at ranking your Google Business Profile in Local Pack 3 so as to get direct calls from interested prospects. 


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