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Asbestos HSE Ltd - Case Study

About Client

Asbestos Removal Doncaster is a well-known and leading asbestos survey and removal expert in the UK offering end-to-end domestic and commercial asbestos surveys and disposal solutions. They also provide garage roof removal services.

Requirements and Goals

When our client first came to us, they were worried about their business as their Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) got suspended. Their business was well-established & they were getting innumerable calls and leads for asbestos removal services. But due to GMB profile suspension, the number of calls and leads went down drastically. Hence, Asbestos HSE was desperately looking to reinstate its Google Business Profile listing. Apart from that, they also wanted to rank better on SERPs and appear in Google pack 3 for quality leads.

  • Google Business Profile reinstatement
  • GMB Optimization
  • Appear in Google pack 3

What We Did

We had several calls and meeting with Asbestos HSE to understand their needs very clearly. After that, we collected all essential and relevant business information like their address, phone number, business hours, business description, photos, and more. After getting the details, we performed an audit of their profile to know the possible reasons for account suspension. Based on the audit findings, our team of highly experienced & skilled professionals fixed all suspension issues and reinstated the GMB listing of Asbestos HSE.

After reinstating the GMB profile, our next goal was to rank the listing in Google pack 3 on SERPs and Google Maps. So, we optimized the listing to make sure all features like services, photos, branding, business details, and more were filled in. We regularly posted images & posts to let Google know that the Asbestos HSE GMB listing is active and engaging with their customers. We also responded to reviews on regular basis.

Based on the audit outcomes, we started to optimize the GMB listing.

  • Completed the business information
  • Citation building
  • Followed NAP(Name-Address-Place) citations
  • Weekly images & posts published on Google My Business
  • Responded to Customers reviews
  • Answer the Questions asked by viewers
  • Link building
  • Geo Tagging


We successfully reinstated Asbestos HSE's Google Business Profile and helped it appear in Google pack 3 on SERPs and Google Maps.
We saw tremendous growth. Check out below:

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