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Digital Daisy - Case Studies


Digital Daisy Online Brand Management

Project Goal

The project goals were crystal clear to me and the whole team from the very beginning, to break the top spot in the keywords "Digital Marketing Agency" and "SEO Agency" The toughest challenge for us was to rank for keywords whose competition was unmatched by any other industry.

Elaborating on that, dealing with SEO and Google’s algorithms is what digital marketing agencies do on daily basis. You see what I mean when I say this is the industry where the competition to rank is the toughest?

Skills and Deliverables

  • Business with 10-99 Employees
  • B2C
  • Local SEO


Following the routine process, first we optimized and added name, address and phone number of the company to match throughout the platforms. The NAPs are the most important part of the citation building process. Citations help you rank on other business ranking platforms for your target keywords and get more traffic. Some examples are Justdial and Yelp.

Following that, we updated the company profile description to express about the business’s goals and missions. We made sure to write an SEO-friendly company description so that Google and customers would find it easy to find our business.

Then we added all our products in the profile so that Google gets what services we’re providing and our customers can easily find us for the specific services they’re looking for.

We conduct a thorough research on what the competitors are doing to make sure that we’re not missing anything to rank. We made sure to answer all the questions asked by our customers.

We kept the post feed of our GMB up-to-date by posting daily on it. That includes writing engaging content for the posts and designing creative content. We also posted attractive offers to create a buzz.

As I said before, my team is working tirelessly to increase the ranking for our desired keywords. But again, as I mentioned, the competition for the keywords we want to rank for are cutthroat.

The hunt for the top spot is still on though, and I’m confident that the day is not far on which I’m going to see my company showing at the top for the keyword "Digital Marketing Agency."

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