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Legal Literacy for Women - Case Studies


I designed & developed a static HTML website from scratch

Project Goal

This client was particular about what he wanted and I knew that he wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. He wanted a website that exuberated the website’s motive from every angle.

The website was for a book called Legal Literacy for Women, hence he wanted us to come up with something in a feminine and bookish theme.

Skills and Deliverables

  • SEO Setup & Configuration
  • Business with 1-9 Employees
  • Education


Firstly, we had brainstorms with the client and created a strategy and timeline of what work needs to be done. As the client wanted a static website with a dynamic photo gallery, I conducted a thorough research of how a book’s website should be.

After proper research and strategy planning, we decided to make the website in HTML, and for that we needed a website UI and UX. But before that, we secured the domain name the client had in mind, so we can launch the website on the same once it is ready.

I have a superiorly creative team of graphic designers, who came up with the most interactive and fully functional UI and UX for the website. We took help of the software Adobe XD to create the whole website experience.

The client loved the design when I showed it to him. There were a couple of minor things that he wanted me to add, which were another page and a magnifying effect on the images when clicked.

After getting the green signal on the design from client, we made an HTML website keeping all aspects of technical SEO. We made a sitemap of the website.

We kept the website’s structure organised and easily crawlable by search engines.

We kept the JavaScript & CSS minimal so that the website can benefit from them SEO-wise. We also implemented CDN for faster speed delivery of the website.

After completing the coding and technical process, we checked the website thoroughly for navigation and redirection errors.

Once the website got a thumbs up from the client, we launched the website on our hosting with the domain the client had wanted.

The client couldn’t be happier about the website. He still hits me up if he needs any suggestions or helps for digital marketing and relevant topics, and to tell you the truth nothing makes me happier than helping my (former or current) clients.

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