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We managed their Google My Business Listing to improve its ranking.

Project Goal

The client wanted us to build a Google My Business Listing profile to rank in the local search results. The basic information was already there, but they needed optimization nonetheless. The competition for the keywords they wanted to rank was extremely tough. The project asked for complete dedication from our side and patience from the client’s side from the very beginning.

Skills and Deliverables

  • Business with 10-99 Employees
  • B2C
  • Local SEO


First things first, we got the NAPs done. NAP is the most common term in citation building, it stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Basic information like name, address and phone number were already there, but the first rule of citations is that the information you enter throughout the platforms should match with each other.

So, with the client’s cooperation, we updated name address and phone number of the business throughout platforms.

After getting things rolling, we started working on the other factors of the profile. We wrote a keyword friendly and interactive company description to help customers find it and understand what the business is about. We updated the working hours of the business in the profile for Google to better understand and present it to the customers.

Following that, we added their products in the GMB. That included writing title and description, and designing images for all the products. It takes about 24 hours or so for GMB to approve some of the information and make it live.

The updates didn’t face any issues as we had taken all the guidelines into consideration.

After filling all the necessary information, we managed their GMB listing for over a month. Managing their GMB included posting daily content and images for the growth of local SEO. We even ran few offers for them to boost the visibility of the business on local search results.

But as I said in the beginning, the competition was extremely tough and it asked for a lot of patience from the client’s side to deliver the best results. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold on to the project and implement the complete strategy because it was a little bit over the client’s budget.

But in the time served, the client got a significant number of leads and queries from the local results. All the proceedings and procedure were very transparent and the client too was very supportive and understanding. Rami is still a good friend and hits me up whenever feels the need of my advice.

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