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SoftEngine - Case Study

About Client

Softengine offers intelligent and intuitive business solutions that improve operational efficiencies and drive competitive advantage. They achieve this by offering businesses advanced technology tools that help them make better and more profitable business decisions. Their services are focused on the needs of the wholesale distribution/importers and manufacturing industries.

Requirements and Goals

Their primary aim with Digital Daisy was to increase leads and sales via organic search. The client's goal was to achieve a good rank in the Google search results for the keyword Food ERP. They did not ask anything specific. They wanted a complete SEO of their website. It was challenging for our team to accomplish this task because the website didn’t have a good SEO score and it required a lot of improvement.

  • Complete SEO of their website
  • Rank high on SERPs
  • Increase leads and sales via organic search

What We Did

Off-page SEO

Our first task was to audit the website. After auditing the website, our team discovered various off-page and on-page issues that needed improvement. Based on our audit findings, we devised a strategy and timeframe for the things that needed to be done. We discussed our strategy with the client. Once we received a go-ahead from Softengine, we started working on our strategy.

First, we dealt with all on-page technical issues that needed improvements. After rectifying those issues, we started building quality backlinks for our client to increase their credibility in the eyes of search engines.

It was very challenging for our team to find high-authority links for our client's website. But still, our team worked hard on this to find and submit at least 25 quality links weekly. We’ve already cracked the first page for the client’s desired keyword and it’s only a matter of time before we placed Softengine in the top spot.

  • Website Audit
  • Improved on-page and off-page issues
  • Built quality backlinks


Google PageSpeed & GTMetrix Optimization

The client's website was taking longer to load. Hence, our next goal was to improve the overall loading speed of the website. Apart from other technical aspects like the website structure and on-page and off-page optimization, a website’s loading speed also plays a crucial role in the ranking on SERPs.

First, we did a thorough website audit to identify the issues that needed to be fixed. The site was very slow to load. Though on-page optimization and image optimization helped a bit in improving the loading speed, we had to perform multiple technical fixes to increase the loading speed.

We used advanced tools to perform compression of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files to reduce the site loading time. When we took the project, the website scored 22 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. We optimized the website with the help of automated tools to score a 99 in Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

  • Website audit
  • Compressed CSS, HTML and JavaScript file
  • Image optimization


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