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Vee Care Foundation - Case Studies


I ran Facebook Ads campaigns for the client to increase reach

Project Goal

The client wanted to use Facebook Advertising to endorse social services and let the people in need know about their offerings. They run an NGO and wanted to reach out to the people in need and help them with the help of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Campaign Set up

Skills and Deliverables

  • Business with 10-99 Employees
  • B2C


We ran Facebook Ads thrice a week We designed and developed a responsive PHP website that suits the needs of the client and expresses what services they’re providing. First of all, we prepared a website structure that benefits SEO. We made sure that all the website’s pages were easily crawlable by search engines.

The website structure that we designed has a header that has links to all pages in the website, categorized based on their types. That helps search engines easily index the website.

Speaking about on-page optimization, we keyword-optimized whole content of the website, added and optimized the images to suit the SEO purposes, added keyword savvy alt-tags to images to make them more relevant and keyword-optimized H1 and H2 tags.

We also made sure that all the technical aspects of SEO were taken care of, like keeping the sizes of JavaScript & CSS minimal, adding CDN for faster delivery, adding keyword-optimized title & meta tags, making sure there are no broken links, making sure all the redirection and navigation works properly, etc.

Moving on to off-page optimization, we built quality backlinks to generate trust in search engines’ eyes. We settled for nothing but the quality and high authority links. Our efforts started seeing satisfying route when the site finally cracked the first page for their desired keyword.

We also ranked their website in the first page for other of their desired keywords.

As I was saying, we also ranked them in Google’s three packs for keywords Chandler Plumber and Drain Cleaning in Chandler.

Here too we started from scratch. We listed their business in Google My Business listings and managed the listing to crack the three pack for their desired keyword. We made sure to post regularly on their GMB and keep interacting with the customers (answering customer queries on GMB) regularly.

We also helped them get better reviews on GMB. We didn’t disappoint the client or ourselves. We got to see our desired results, as I’ve already told you, we ranked them on No.1 in the local search results for their desired keyword Chandler Plumber.

The client is very happy and still with us. What more could I ask for?

Facebook Ad Campaign Result

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